🥰"Looking For True Love, If You Know Where I Can Find It, Follow Me" - Lady


🥰”Looking For True Love, If You Know Where I Can Find It, Follow Me” – Lady

We are in the season of love especially when Valentine’s day is around the corner.

A host of people has expressed their thoughts about Valentine’s day. With some searching for true love wherever they can find it.

Love is a beautiful thing when you meet the right person. Some say love is both ways; sweet and bitter. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

A lady on Twitter shared a post on Twitter stating that she was looking for true love.

@AkJackson3 on Twitter stated “Looking for True Love, if you know where I can find it, follow me and send a DM.”

Trust Nigerians; they actually reacted to her post in different manners. With some offering their love to her while others being indifferent.

@Edukatedmekanik on Twitter stated “You may want to check out aliexpress or ebay, you are likely to find true love there.

@Chiomy_mi on Twitter stated “Boo thang.”

@popularpopdee85 on Twitter stated “My own way of true love is how you are loaded.”

@Bizkitafrica on Twitter stated “I’ll leave this divine beautiful body of a woman and become a g**, Godforbid, g** them dey try sha that thing is devilish.”

@iamlumus on Twitter stated “If the person that took you to the location of your pictures is not enough love, then I think you are…. Just manage love and stop looking for the true behind it.”

Do you think one could find true love on social media?

To love and being loved is actually sweet as once it’s reciprocal then it becomes marvelous.

I believe that true love could be gotten from any place or even social media. The thing people are afraid of, is heart break.

Well, heart break could happen but we move on instead of holding on.

Here are some of the lady’s pictures. Do you think she’s beautiful enough to find true love on social media?

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