103 killed in six days as accidents continue to claim lives on Ugandans roads

20  Dead After Link Bus Overturns In Kabarole

103 killed in six days as accidents continue to claim lives on Ugandans roads

A total of 103 people were killed in a period of six days in the month of May in various accidents on Ugandan roads, a Traffic Police report has said.

According to police, there were 346 accidents, 64 of these were fatal, 168 serious and 114 minor.

“In the period between May, 1 and 7, a total of 346 accidents happened in which 103 people died and 295 were injured,” Traffic Police spokesperson, Faridah Nampiima said.

Fatal accidents are those in which people are killed, serious ones see people injured whereas minor accidents are those where only vehicles are damaged.

In the last few months, accidents have been on the increase on Ugandan roads.

For example last week, a midmorning accident at Ssebitoli along the Fort Portal-Kyenjojo road  saw a Kampala-bound Link bus registration number UBA 003S overturn killing 20 people on the spot ,whereas many were left injured.

However, according to the Minister for Works, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, government has suspended the operations of the bus company after repeated reports of accidents in various parts of the country where they operate from.

In a period of eight days between April, 24  and May, 2, 2022, a total of 90 people died due to accidents.

Of these, 23 were killed in only two days between May,1 and 2 around the country.

The other week, a total of 101 people died in road accidents that happened in a period of nine days between April, 10 and 19, 2022.

A number of these accidents have been attributed to reckless driving and over speeding on the road.

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, on average Uganda loses 10 people per day in road traffic accidents and this is the highest level in East Africa.

The Traffic Police spokesperson on Monday confirmed that reckless driving, phone driving and drunk driving are to blame for most accidents on the road.

For example, the Works and Transport Minister, Gen Katumba Wamala last week attributed the  grisly Fort Portal Link bus accident to human error.

“In the preliminary report, it is indicated that the road surface is very good since the road is still new. The road was also properly marked with all signs very clear. There was no fatigue on the side of the driver because he arrived in Bundibugyo the night before and slept well before embarking on the journey in the morning,” Gen Katumba said.

“All the tyres were new, having been manufactured in 2021. From the look of things and eyewitnesses, it looks more of a human error. “

The Works and Transport minister also noted that police CCTV cameras had earlier captured the driver of the ill-fated bus cruising at a terrific speed of 90kilometres per hours.

“This driver was overtaking a trailer on a slope and near a bend. As the bend was going left, he thought it was continuing and all of a sudden it turned right and somehow missed the judgment.  Preliminary report points to misjudgment on the side of the driver. Police CCTV cameras on the road had three or four minute earlier captured him driving at 90km per hour. ”




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