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13 Hilarious Nollywood Movie Titles You Won’t Believe Exist

Nollywood is widely loved, but we can’t help but laugh at some of the hilarious titles we see daily. Back then, it felt normal, but now that we have evolved in time, we see some titles that make us question who the makers of these movies are.

Most of these Nollywood movies have ridiculous and embarrassing movie titles which most times do not reflect what the movie contains.

The saddest part of it is seeing your favourite and well respected Nollywood actors and actresses on the poster of such embarrassing movies. Some of these movies are:

1. King Davido

The producer of this movie confused us from the title, as we were trying to understand if he was talking about the Music Artist or the David in the bible. This is definitely hilarious. We hope we don’t see Commander Burnaboy soon.

2. Tear My Bra

But why? Why do we have to tear her bra in this movie? The director needs to direct us to his plug and how he thought about this title. To make it worse, there’s a part 2.

3. Obama Babes:

I’m not sure Former President Barack Obama would be excited by this. We are really confused as to the source of inspiration to the making of this title.

4. Spider-Girl:

Well, it’s only fair that if the Americans have Spiderman, we should develop our own superhero. I’m sure that was what the producer was thinking. But the guns we see from the movie poster ehn

5. Ashawo Bar Beach:

This, in its entirety, is very confusing. Who is exactly the ashewo? Nollywood will not be the end of me.

6. Chocolate Pinging Salon:

Seeing the Nollywood stars in this movie, you’ll question how they agreed to act with this title. The people giving titles to these movies need to be properly evaluated.

7. Beyonce Vs Rihanna:

This cracks me up so bad. What exactly was the plan? I think the hilarious part is listening to them imitate the voices of these American artists.

8. Mission Impossible:

Just seeing this title, you’d expect some James Bond vibes, but then again, it’s Nollywood, so we just expect anything at all.

9. Dorobucci Love:

This has to be an imitation of the Mavins famous song “Dorobucci”, but how was that the best of options to give this movie? I can only wonder what was running through the minds of the people who came up with this.

10. 2Pac:

This is really hilarious. Seeing the main character of this movie and relating it to the actual Music legend, would have you screaming.

11. Drake Vs Meek Mill:

Here’s another supposed blockbuster movie. I mean, seeing these actors imitate the actual music artist would just make you cry.

12. The Batman:

Another Superhero movie. It’s only we have our own Batman, but what is this costume? It’d be nice to see the Batman fly though.

13. Tears For Breast Milk:

What the movie actually portrays and the title would leave you puzzled. But why tears for Breastmilk?  Hmmm, something must be wrong here.

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