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13years old girl was maltreated by her Aunt sent her out [email protected]£d to collect clothes from tailor

People’s reactions to a woman’s mistreatment of a 13-year-old daughter who lives with her are now trending on social media.

According to a Facebook post that first unveiled the story, the 13-year-old girl lives in Gboko-South with her aunty, who frequently abuses her.

The lady’s recent maltreatment of the young girl was also exposed by a facebook accounts from eyewitnesses living in Gboko.

The aunty, as usual, beat the young girl and threw her naked outside the gate, according to the sources, while giving her order to enter the nearby tailor and collect her clothes for some unknown reasons.

The young girl used a sack bag to cover herself in order to prevent herself from the embarrassment of being naked.

Many Facebook users have publicly chastised and blamed the woman for her cruel treatment of the young girl.

See people sad comments and reactions below:

In this planet, there are some really evil people.

Can she treat her own children in the same manner she handles the poor girl? Since she is not her biological child, she treats her badly. All should be treated on a fair footing.

What is your view on this?

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