15 year Old Commits Suicide After Being Bullied In School

On Monday, April 12, Lufuno Mavhunga, a young high school girl from Limpopo tragically ended her own life after a video of her being brutally bullied at Mbilwi High School in Limpopo went viral.

The video displayed the tyrant, Darlene Candy, beating and slapping Lufuno who did not fight back but rather tried to protect herself. Other girls cheered Darlene on, with some going as far as to record the incident.


However, The Police officers stated that Lufuno got home from school and professed that she was beaten up by her classmate.

Thereafter, she allegedly locked herself up in the room and took an overdose of a prescribed medication

It is alleged that the bullying had been going on for some time according to Lufuno’s father who was questioned by the police

The 15yrs old Darlene Candy, the learner who was involved in a bullying incident at a Limpopo school has been arrested and charged with assault on Thursday, April 15th

Below is an attachment of Lufuno’s last words

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