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2 People Who Live With Their Crucial Organs Carried Outside Their Bodies (photos)

There is usually a debate to determine which is the most crucial organ of the body, the Brain or the Heart? But, science has provided solutions to the debate by explaining the importance of both to the body, hence, the Heart is the most crucial organ in the body according to its uses.

The question now is whether anyone can survive without having than crucial organ inside their body system? And even if there is such a person, how long did they survive this incredible situation?

This article will list two of the most popular people who have lived with their hearts fixed and placed outside their body, and they were even able to do anything they want without causing permanent or complications injuries to their health or medical condition.

1. Star Lakin 

This is 25 year man who was suffering from a severe case of Cardiomyopathy, and his heart needed to be changed because the old one was malfunctioning and can lead to his death.

There was speculation that Lakin would not last very long when there was no heart available for him when he needed the heart transplant to be done. Therefore, he had to live outside the hospital for some time before he gets to do the transplant.

But luckily, the Total Artificial Heart was introduced to Lakin as a means of survival pending his heart transplant. He agreed with this gesture and the TAH was connected to his body with a surgical procedure. 

Below are more of his pictures:

According to Michigan Health, the old type of this artificial hearts being used was as heavy as a washing machine, which is why patients using it were fully hospitalized.

But the Freedom Driver was the one used for Lakin, and he could move about due to this. He even moved out of the hospital to love normally before his surgery. 

After 555 days of using this external body organ and carrying it about, Lakin went to the hospital and his heart was successfully transplanted.

2. Selwa Hussein 

This lady broke the record of the United Kingdom when she became the first woman to ever leave the hospital with an external heart. She is a 39-year-old mother of two who underwent a serious problem with her heart and later had to carry it in her rucksack as aftermath.

In short, her heart is the organ that is outside her body, and which is the reason she was able to live normally. The Siasat Daily revealed that she had been rushed to the Harefield hospital on a faithful day and because she was dying, her husband was asked if he would like his wife to be saved with an artificial heart.

Her husband accepted the offer and Selwa underwent an artificial heart implant. The implant was fixed into her body and the specialist unit carried In her back. 

Below are more of her pictures:

Selwa’s backpack contains two sets of batteries to power the motor and she has a second unit on standby in another backpack should the first fail.

In my opinion, it is only the will of God that these two are still alive despite having their crucial organs outside their bodies.

Tell us, why do you think these two were able to survive this?

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