How To Fix Eyelashes: Easiest Step-By-Step Guide!

How to fix eyelashes to give your eyes more expressiveness? This is a tiny, but great invention that will make every lady feel more seductive and more self-confident!

But false eyelashes will make your eyes divine only if you fix them correctly! And believe us, not everyone knows the details of eyelashes fixing .

Check out this step –by-step manual to find out how to apply false eyelashes for the first time!

1. How To Apply False Lashes: The Things You Will Need

  • Glue. Choosing the glue for false eyelashes fixing, you should keep in mind the type of your skin and its individual features.

How to fix eyelashes with glue, if you have a sensitive skin? Just opt for the hypoallergenic glue.

If you have to spend the whole day outside, it makes sense to opt for the waterproof glue.

Depending on its consistency, there are various glue types like liquid and glue-resin. Liquid formulas are more convenient to use and, as a rule, safer.

Scissors. You will need scissors to trim tape eyelashes or make them shorter.
Tweezers will allow you to stick false eyelashes to make them look as real as possible.

Cotton buds. You will need them to easily remove excessive glue.

2. How To Fix Eyelashes For Beginners: Your Step-by-step Tutorial

  • Step 1:Before you apply glue on your false eyelashes, apply makeup on the eyelids. If you do not want anything bright, use only shadows (beige shadows are a perfect choice).Twist eyelashes with a curler to create a support frame for false eyelashes. So you give your own eyelashes the same bend as that of artificial, and they won’t be visible under your false eyelashes.
  • Step 2:
  • Using the black eyeliner, paint over the interspace and mucous membrane on the upper eyelids, so that your false eyelashes will look natural.
  • Step 3: Draw a line along the eyelashes using a black liner; if you wish, draw the small arrows beyond the outer corners of the eyes. Such a “substrate” will create the basis for false lashes and help them look like a single whole with a natural eyelash row.
  • Step 4: Paint the eyelashes from root to tip. Do not apply mascara too thickly so that your own eyelashes will not be visible under the background of false lashes, but gently merge with them.
  • Step 5: The standard length of false eyelashes is excessive for most girls. Try eyelashes on your eye, retreating 3-4 mm from the beginning of the eyelids. See if you need to reduce the length and how much length you need to cut.
  • Step 6: Cut off the excess length with small scissors, but remember – you can only remove the length from the outer edge of the eyelashes. If you cut a segment with small eyelashes at the inner part, after gluing, the beginning of the eyelashes row will look unnatural.
  • Step 7: Apply a small amount of glue over the entire eyelash tape and wait a few seconds. Start gluing your eyelashes from the outside corner, aligning your last eyelash with the end of the false eyelashes.Place the eyelashes as close as possible to your own lashes and press the base of the tape against the skin of the eyelid with your fingers, tweezers or a brush pen.
  • Step 8: Take your time and do not make fast moves. In the first few seconds, the glue will stills be liquid and false eyelashes can move a bit.
  • Step 9: Additionally, paint the edge of the eyelashes with a black eyeliner if there are still some gaps. Done!
This was our how to apply eyelashes for beginners tutorial – feel free to leave your comments below!