5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don’t Know

Good day Tech Talkers. Today we shall be discussing with you 5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don’t Know. This may not be new to some of our readers but, we are writing on it just to enlighten everyone reading on our blog.

5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don't Know

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5 Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Don’t Know

1. How to hide blue ticks from messages

If you don’t want to reply someone after reading their messages, you need to hide the blue ticks so that the sender will think you didn’t read his/her messages.

To hide blue ticks follow the steps below:

Open whatsapp>go to settings>tap on account>then tap on privacy>finally tap on untick or uncheck read receipt>done.

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2. How to turn words to bold and italics

To make words look bold, add an asterisk (*) both sides of the word or phrase. For example *hello*. To make words italics, add an underscore(_) to both sides of the words or phrase.for example _hello_

3. How to mark chats as unread

If you read a chat and forgot to reply it, you can mark the chat as unread so that you will see the chat later and reply it.

Follow the steps to set it up.

Long press on the chat (contact or group name) you want to mark unread. Open menu by tapping on the three dots at the right corner of the screen. Tap on the mark as unread.

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4. How to hide profile picture:

If you don’t want everyone to see your profile picture, you can hide your profile picture.

Go to settings > tap on account > tap on privacy > then tap on profile photo and choose if everyone, my contacts or nobody can see your profile picture.

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5. How to send a broadcast message:

Open WhatsApp and go to chats >tap on the three dots at the right top corner of your screen > tap on new broadcast > select the contacts you want to send a broadcast message to > finally tap the tick mark after selecting. > now your broadcast list is ready to send messages to your friends at once.

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