LASPOTECH Security Guard Kills Colleague For Ritual

LASPOTECH Security Guard Kills Colleague For Ritual
Cletus Wilson, a private security guard employed by the management of the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Ikorodu, has been arrested for killing his colleague, John Okoro, for ritual. Gistvic Reports.

According to reports, Cletus who secures the Computer Engineering Faculty of the polytechnic, had tricked his colleague, John, into the bush within the school premises where he first used a metal object to hit his head. Confirming that John was unconscious, Cletus slaughtered the deceased and then chopped off his hand. He was about to run with the body part when he was apprehended by his colleagues.

The suspected was arrested shortly after committing the act, on Friday, within the school premises and planning to leave with his vital organs.


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