Shocking photos of paraplegic dad left for dead after being stabbed 11 times

Shocking photos show a paraplegic father-of-one who was left for dead after being stabbed 11 times by a crazed attacker.

Neil Pearce, 37, was repeatedly knifed in the body, neck and head until the blade broke by drunk thug Jake Bartholomew-Mann, 25, in a "sustained and vicious attack".

He then launched Neil off his wheelchair and began kicking him over and over again before casually walking away from the scene.

Neil was rushed to Northern General Hospital where he underwent an emergency life-saving operation.

He then had reconstructive surgery which involved screwing six metal plates into his facial bones.

Neil, who lost the use of his legs in a 1996 car crash, spent the next two weeks in intensive care fighting for his life and is lucky to be alive.

Sickening photos show Neil battered and bloodied following the brutal attack on New Year's Day at around 11pm while he was at home with his partner and 12-week old baby.

Neil, who describes Bartholomew-Mann as a "friend of a friend", says he has "no idea" why he carried out the savage attack.

Bartholomew-Mann was sentenced to 12 years behind bars earlier this month after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm at Sheffield Crown Court.

Neil said he had known Bartholomew-Mann for about seven years and had met him "many times" before the attack was carried out.

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