10 Things To Do Before Bed

Evening is time for yourself. Depending on how you will spend it, lying on the sofa or doing some useful activity, your personal and professional development will change.  The following article discloses 10 evening rituals to do before going to bed which will increase your productivity.

Evening is underestimated from the point of view of life transformation and positive habits inclusion. We offer to spend 2-3 hours before sleep with use. The following evening rituals will give you energy, productivity and good mood in an incoming day.

1. Walking

Py2otr Ilyich Tchaikovsky adored walking. According to contemporaries’ recollections, he walked 2 hours a day for what it’s worth. Walking in the fresh air favoured creativity.

Go for a short walk before sleep. It will exactly help to overstep all the concerns and troubles of the bypast day. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the calm and think of some ideas worrying you. Moreover, walking is very useful for your health.

2. Analysis Of The Day

Benjamin Franklin considered time as the most precious resource and acted scrupulously toward time distribution. Every day he asked the question: “What good things did I do today?” and analyzed his bypast day. This allowed him to find out what results he achieved and what else he needed to do.

You should also try this. A 10-minute analysis will help you to trace your success and correct your plans in time.

3. Reading

The overwhelming majority of outstanding people used to read before sleep since reading inspired them and helps generate new ideas. In case you suffer from insomnia, a good book will help you to fall asleep. Depending on your tastes, you may read any genre you like. However, we do not recommend thrilling books and dramatic works. In addition, do not read in poor light. If you use an electronic book, diminish its screen brightness to the minimal point and hold your e-book 35 centimeters from your eyes.

4. Meditation

A morning meditation helps to join in a work regime. It is even better to meditate twice a day. Sit in a comfortable position. Let your thoughts flow naturally: do not try to concentrate on some particular thing and do not ignore it. Everything that filled your mind during the whole day should be left in the past.

An evening meditation will help to “null” your mind and join in an incoming day full of new experience.

5. Curfew

Light is closely connected with melatonin and cortisol generation. When it becomes darker, your melatonin level rises. This allows us to relax properly. When it dawns, your cortisol level rises and your organism is ready for new activities. However, in the XXI century most people stare at their mobile phones, tablets and smartphones screens before sleep. This affects negatively our health and is one of the main reasons to establish a curfew before sleep. No gadgets at all! One more reason not to use gadgets before sleep is that digital noise brings down your sleep quality.

6. Directions

Before sleep our mind is not less sensitive to information than in the morning. That is why evening is a great time for personal directions. Use positive affirmations in order to:

  1. stimulate your self-confidence;
  2. set yourself to success;
  3. abstract from the others points of view;
  4. concentrate on your targets;
  5. motivate yourself for hard work, so on.

It is very important to create an affirmation correctly, as well as to pronounce it aloud in front of a mirror.

7. Diary4

Writing your own diary is not a ballad monger’s whim. The overwhelming majority of psychologists are sure that expressing your feelings and emotions on paper or via some electronic devices helps a person to make his or her life more mindful. Sometimes your notes in a diary helps understand and solve some problems hidden deeply inside your subconsciousness.

Evening is a nice time for “talking” to your diary. You may write about some events of the bypass day, about things made you disappointed or happy, about people you talked to, and, of course, about yourself and your behaviour during the day.

8. Planning

Make up a plan for the next day in the evening. This will save your time and mobilize you for the particular actions. Just write down all the stuff you need to do during the following day and sort them in order of their significance.

9. Priorities

This ritual runs out of the previous one. When your list of actions is ready, prioritize them. Choose 3 the most important things to do. They should have some positive progress and help you achieve your goals.

10. Gratitude

This ritual should be performed while lying in a bed. Close your eyes and think of who or what you are thankful to. Thank your colleague who picked you up while going to work, or a waitress who served you quickly, or your wife who was always nearby, supporting you, or even yourself…

According to psychological researches, gratitudes not only strengthen our relationship, but also motivate very well.

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