Best Foods For Strong And Healthy Teeth

A toothbrush, a floss, and mouth rinse help to prevent diseases and take care of hygiene in general. This is, however, not the only thing you can do to keep your teeth healthy. Include in your diet more foods that are useful for teeth.


This is a source of calcium, phosphates, and vitamin D, which make bones and teeth stronger. drinking milk regularly helps to restore the enamel. In case you are lactose intolerant or a vegetarian, you can look for an alternative – soy or almond milk.


It is also a source of calcium and is also rich in proteins. Including yogurt in your diet is a way to keep the teeth healthy. Moreover, it normalizes the functioning of the digestive system, helping to prevent some problems. Just choose yogurts that don’t contain sugar.


It contains casein, phosphates, and calcium, which strengthen the tooth surface. Cheese is recommended for cavities prevention: it triggers salivation and neutralizes the acids capable of causing cavities. Cheese contains vitamin D that facilitates the digestion of calcium.


Rich in calciferol, calcium, and phosphorus, it is one more product that strengthens the teeth. Fish bones contain even more useful elements that flesh so feel free to buy canned fish. Vitamin A and cod liver oil make the gums healthier.


Egg yolk contains a huge amount of vitamins and calciferol, which is significant for the digestion of phosphorus and calcium. Eggshell is rich in calcium. If you wash it and grind well, it can be used as a food supplement, effective than vitamins from a drugstore.


These fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, including so important vitamin C. Including apples in your diet will help to make teeth healthy and white. Eating apples activates salivation, mechanically cleaning the teeth surface and preventing the formation of microcracks.


Oranges work similarly to apples: the juice activates salivations and cleans a mouth cavity in a natural way, getting rid of bacteria and unpleasant smell. It also contains microelements capable of whitening the teeth, calcium, and vitamins C and D.


These berries have stronger whitening properties than two previous positions together. In particular, it contains malic acid, commonly known as apple acid. Strawberries have been used as a part of teeth disease prevention both in the eastern and western tradition for a long time.

Leaf Vegetables

The microscopic pieces of vegetables left on the teeth during chewing destroy harmful bacteria. They also take part in the digestion of calcium. It means you can have healthy teeth without consuming many dairy products.



In all times, garlic was known as a spice that boosts immunity and prevents the lack of vitamins. It is rich in calcium and vitamins which strengthen your teeth and make them healthy.

Sugar-free Chewing Gum

For those who don’t put garlic in dishes because of its smell: just make sure you have some mint chewing gum. It helps to get rid of the remains of food that can have a destructive effect and damage the enamel thanks to the intensive release of saliva.

Nuts & Seeds

Peanut is rich in vitamin D. Cashew activate intensive salivation. Walnuts contain magnesium, ferrum, thiamine, fibers, and vitamins E and B6. Seeds are also useful for teeth, but only in case you don’t shell them with your teeth – it will result in microcracks.


This drink is useful, first of all, thanks to polyphenols that neutralize bacteria and prevent cavities. Both green and black tea contain elements that prevent the formation of microcracks on enamel. Drinking tea without sugar will be even more effective.


If you are a sweet tooth, put some honey instead of sugar in your tea. Honey might be the only sweet food that doesn’t harm your teeth. On the contrary, chewing honeycombs results in healthier gums.

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