How To Earn Money Big Online In June 2019 Without Paying Any Registration Fees

Their are many ways to earn online, get free airtime for yourself, get yourslf unlimited data to start surfing the net and one of the trusted way those can be achieved is what I'm about to introduce you to.

You can now get free data, airtime and money in your bank account for yourself with the help of this News app called Scooper News App. This app gives you coins for reading news, commenting, staying active and by referring people to download the app. Scooper can also gives you a free trip to dubai, iphone x, infinix note5, Tecno spark 2 and so on.

What is Scooper News App
Scooper which is formally Eaglee News App is an app designed specifically to entertain users and let them get information by reading interesting News, entertaining videos and other entertainment stuffs.

Scooper News App gives you +5 coins for each news you read on the app, +200 coins when you invite/ refer someone to download the app and you are also entitled to another +5 coins when the person you invite/ refer enter your referral code to the app to confirm you as his or her referee. Use IXH5AK as your friend's invitation code.

These coins can easily be converted to Airtime, data, real cash to your account and can also be used to apply for a trip to dubai, can be use to get iphone X,infinix note 5, Tecno spark 2 e.t.c.

How To Get Unlimited Coins For Free With Scooper
To start earning free coins, download and install Scooper News app By Clicking Here and start reading news, commenting, staying active on the app and also refer people using the referral code given to you in the application’s dashboard.

Note: After installing the app, don't forget to use IXH5AK as your friend's invitation code. Enjoy!!!

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