Menswear-Inspired Fashion Styles For Ladies

Using menswear-inspired pieces in women’s fashion is by no means a new idea – ladies have been doing it since several centuries ago. However, lately, this trend has gotten even more popular around the world. Want to upgrade your wardrobe with some menswear-inspired fashion? Here are the best ways to do it!

1. Suit

Perhaps, the most common and versatile way to include menswear into a women’s wardrobe is to get at least one two-piece suit. The biggest benefit of buying a perfectly fitted suit is that you can combine its pieces with any of your favourite blouses or tops and get a new outfit every day. As for the footwear, women’s menswear-inspired suits look best with pumps, but wearing them with sneakers is one of the huge trends of 2019.

2. Plaid Blazer

Even though blazers are commonly worn both by men and women, plaid blazers in a neutral colour scheme are more of a man’s prerogative. However, you can easily make your outfit 100 times chicer if you throw a plaid blazer over your favourite jeans, skirt, or dress.

3. Boyfriend Jeans

Even the name of the “boyfriend jeans” trend gives you a pretty clear idea about who inspired this popular type of jeans. Luckily, you don’t have to have a boyfriend to wear these chic and comfortable trousers. A loose fit plus the right footwear and accessories equal a stunning boyfriend jeans outfit for a modern fashionista.

4. Oxford Shirt

For men, an Oxford shirt is a wardrobe staple that looks equally great in an office and casual setting. For women, an Oxford shirt in a delicate shade is a fantastic addition to their office dress code when paired with trousers or skirts and casual wardrobe when worn with jeans, or denim shorts and a pair of white sneakers.

5. Oversized Clothing

There is no better way to instantly look more petite and adorable than to wear an oversized clothing item that looks straight out of men’s wardrobe. Whether it’s your boyfriend’s hoodie, a loose-fitting denim jacket, or a long and roomy coat, these pieces always look good on ladies.
the best thing is that you can pair them with pretty much anything you like! Try a combination of an oversized denim jacket with your favourite dress or pair an oversized hoodie with denim shorts and a pair of cute sneakers.

6. Footwear

Pairing your regular outfits with menswear-inspired footwear not only instantly makes your outfit more trendy, but also balances out your look. The most popular types of women’s footwear that have been borrowed from men’s wardrobe include loafers, brogues, and Oxford shoes, but the so-called “dad sneakers” are also super popular these days.

7. Accessories

If you are not ready yet to try a full-on menswear-inspired outfit, you can start by upgrading your wardrobe with various accessories from men’s fashion. The choice of accessories is nearly endless and includes everything from bowties and skinny scarves through briefcases and backpacks all the way to hats, suspenders, and socks!

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