Our 10 Favourite Beauty Looks Were All About Whimsical Glam

This year has been a year of head-turning beauty trends. From runways to red carpets and social events, the African and global beauty industries have been abuzz with looks that have left us wondering what’s next? As the rainy season comes into full spring in West Africa and the summer season hits up on the West coast, our favourite celebrities, makeup artists and influencers are not showing any signs of slowing down and last week, it seems there was an unspoken code of whimsical glam!

From bright orange lips to a floral Muslimah glam, our favourite beauty looks for last week were really about whimsical glam. And by whimsical we mean that the looks were fresh, fanciful and far from “too serious.”

Whatever your taste in makeup and hair, you’ll find that one of these looks matches your preference. Looking for inspiration for your next face beat?

Check out these whimsical glam beauty looks.

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