Seven Types Of Dresses That Hide Belly Fat

Even though the body positivity movement is spreading faster and faster across the planet, sometimes you just want to look flawless. But what if your flabby belly makes you look less fit and slim than you are in some of your favourite dresses? Check out 7 dress types that are perfect for concealing belly fat!

1. Peplum Dress

Dresses with a peplum have become all the rage in Nigeria in the late 2010s and they continue being the favourite dress type of Nigerian fashionistas for many reasons. One of them is that peplum effectively hides belly fat and brings the much-needed balance to your figure. If you’ve always dreamed of an hourglass body, consider getting at least one peplum dress!

2. Pleated Dress

If you prefer your dresses to be more loosely-fitted than a tight peplum dress, your best option is a pleated dress. A gown with a pleated skirt is not only super comfortable to wear, but also conceals an imperfect belly. Plus, vertical pleats make you look taller and help your legs look longer, which is a win-win situation for any lady concerned about her appearance.

3. A-Line Dress

When it comes to women’s wear that is not only pretty and flattering, but also extremely comfortable, nothing can top an A-line dress. With this dress, you will be able to move, walk, and sit freely while also getting your belly fat hidden by the clever cut of the dress. Moreover, A-line dresses come in all kinds of styles, so you can easily wear your favourite dress shape anywhere, from a beach to a wedding.

4. Fit And Flare Dress

If you have a beautiful waist but want your new dress to hide the lower part of your belly, you can definitely get what you want from a fit and flare dress. These dresses visibly highlight and define your waist, while the flabby stomach is concealed by the flared skirt of the dress. To make the effect even stronger, cinch your fit and flare dress with a thin belt.

5. Empire Waist Dress

Empire waist dresses are some of the most controversial types of women’s clothing. Some fashionistas think that empire waist gowns make often make you look pregnant. However, these dresses are also very effective at hiding belly fat. To avoid being mistaken for a pregnant lady, make sure the empire waist of your dress is lined up with the thinnest part of your torso and look for maxi dresses rather than short or midi ones.

6. Shirt Dress

Inspired by menswear, shirt dresses are very hot right now in the Nigerian fashion market. The beauty of a shirt dress is that it can help you hide anything you don’t particularly like about your body. Whether it’s flabby arms, plump legs, or visible belly, it’s very easy to find a shirt dress that fits you perfectly. You can wear your shirt dress with or without a belt, depending on your waist and other body features.

7. Kaftan Dress

In case you want your dress to not only transform your figure, but also help you express your love for native style in clothing, check out the trendy kaftan dresses! These gowns can fit a wide variety of occasions, but one thing remains unchanged: they are extremely comfortable, versatile, and forgiving to the imperfections in your figure. With a kaftan dress, a protruding belly will never bother you again.

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