When The Code Is Blush Pink: 8 Dresses To Inspire Your Bridal Shower Look 2019

N othing adds glamour to a bridal shower like well-dressed guests, especially when they are all in the bride’s favourite colour. What if that happens to be: blush pink! This shade of pink is fast becoming a global favourite, even non-girly girls are in love with the ease and softness that the colour emits. So don’t be surprised to see it on a bridal shower dress code this season.

Pink is cute but a blush pink is loaded with even more class and sophistication which explains why many Style influencers Ravens love the shade!

We are at a point in fashion where style and personality have merged to produce individualized creative style, but there is one place where one person’s choice trumps all – a wedding. The events leading up to this ceremony includes the bridal shower where friends of the bride gather to prepare her for her wedding day – a sort of send-forth from girlhood/bachelorette status if you will.

It is usually fun-filled, however, when it comes to the choice of dressing, having a theme and colour code makes the event even more beautiful and organized. However, friends often choose the bride’s favourite colour, one of the wedding colours or a trendy one. With blush pink currently finding favour in the fashion scenes, expect it to be a serious contender on the colour code list for any bridal shower happening this season.

Luckily, you will have this lookbook to turn to when the invite reads – colour code: blush pink!
Here are 8 blush pink dresses to inspire your bridal shower guest look 2019.

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