Who Is The World’s Richest Female Musician?

According to Forbes, the singer’s fortune is estimated at 600 million dollars! Most of the money was earned by her famous cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty, which she owns in conjunction with the French manufacturer of LVMH luxury goods.
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1. The Richest Residents Of The Stage

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The famous singer Rihanna is recognized as the richest performer in the world. Her fortune is estimated at $600 million. In Forbes ranking, Rihanna is followed by:

  • Madonna ($570 million),
  • Celine Dion ($450 million)
  • Beyonce ($400 million).

It is quite interesting that in November 2018, Forbes had placed Rihanna in seventh place in the highest paid female singers in the world charts. This means that she had managed to earn about $37.5 million in just one year!

2. How Rihanna Managed To Earn So Much?

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But this was not the singer’s career that brought so much money to 31-year-old Rihanna, but the collaboration with French luxury goods manufacturer, LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), that is the co-owner of the Fenty Beauty cosmetics brand.

As Forbes notes, in the first weeks after opening in September 2017, products of this brand were sold for $100 million. And in 2018, the Fenty Beauty brand brought in approximately «570 million of revenue.

Along with the TechStyle Fashion group of companies, Rihanna also owns the Savage X Fenty line of underwear and earns millions of dollars on shows and albums.

According to Forbes, LVMH owns a 50 percent stake in Fenty Beauty, while Rihanna’s participation is estimated at about 15%, although the singer’s representatives refuse to give the exact figure.

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