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Any time of the year is the perfect time for a style change. If you have been wearing your current hairstyle for a while, it’s perfectly okay to be bored with it. Find your new ideal hairstyle from these most popular hairstyles for black women!

1. Cornrows

Cornrows are a a geometrically flawless hairstyle where your hair is braided into three-strand twists as closely to the scalp as possible. The most traditional way of doing cornrows is from the forehead to the back of the head, but there are other popular types of cornrows with alternative braiding.

2. Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most diverse hairstyles for black women. These three-strand braids can be used to create any shape. They can be done on any hair length and colour and are a great choice of a protective hairstyle.

3. Faux Locs

If you have always liked dreadlocks but rightfully think they can be too damaging for your hair, faux locs are the next best thing! They are created by mixing your own hair with extensions, and the result is a neat, practical, and trendy hairstyle.

4. Ghana Braids

In a way, Ghana braids are similar to cornrows – mainly because Ghana braids are also starting at the forehead and move to the back of the head. However, thanks to the use of extensions, Ghana braids are much fuller than cornrows.

5. Bantu Knots

If you want your new hairstyle to be original and help you stand out from the crowd, consider getting Bantu knots. These small buns can vary in size and placement on your head, which is why they fit any hair length and thickness.
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6. Pixie Cut

If you are ready for a serious change, you can try the pixie cut. It is a particularly good choice if you want to chop off your damage hair and grow it out from the start. Your pixie cut can be dyed in a variety of colours of left in its natural state. You can also taper the sides for a more striking effect.

7. Lemonade Braids

The lemonade braids trend was started by Beyonce and her Lemonade music video. This hairstyle features side-swept braids that are often dyed in various shades of blond, although black lemonade braids are also very popular.

8. Crochet Braids

Crochet braids were invented to make the process of attaching braids easier compared to sew-in braids. These braids are attached to the cornrows using a crochet hook and can be styled in a variety of shapes and colour combinations.

9. Microbraids

At their core, microbraids are just like regular three-strand braids, the only difference being that they are super tiny. These thin and delicate braids may take a while to install, but in the end, you will be rewarded with a trendy and charming hairstyle.

10. Headwrap

If your hair is transitioning from one stage to another, you are having a bad hair day, or simply want to try something new with your hair, consider getting a couple of headwraps and switching between them as you like. They are available in every colour and pattern imaginable, so you’ll easily find the right one for any outfit.

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