8 Best Highlighters For Women Of Colour HiTNG

Even a decade ago, we barely knew what a highlighter was, let alone regularly used it in our makeup look. Today, however, makeup can no longer be imagined without a highlighter, whether you are doing a whole contouring routine or simply refresh your facial features in a natural way. Check out 8 best highlighters for darker skin!

1. Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo, Fenty Beauty

Rihanna virtually revolutionized the market for makeup products for women of colour, and this highlighter is one of the brand’s bestsellers. The two colours of this multipurpose palette can serve as a blush, highlighter, or even eyeshadow, and its lustrous shine is simply divine.

2. Champagne Pop Highlighter, Becca X Jaclyn Hill

The warm peachy tone of this highlighter with a white gold shimmer looks simply stunning on many skin tones, but it is a perfect match for dark-coloured skin. The beauty of this highlighter is that you can easily choose the preferred intensity of the colour starting from a single, barely noticeable swipe.

3. Gold Rush Blush, Benefit

This benefit product was intended to be used as a blush, but it’s even more popular right now as a highlighter. The universally flattering warm gold tone of the highlighter is a superb choice for chocolate-coloured skin. You can also use it as an eyeshadow or try wearing it as a blush.

4. Hot Sand Illuminating Multiple, NARS

Most highlighters on our list come in a solid form with a brush, so if you are looking for a highlighter that can be easily applied on the go, check out this glowing stick from NARS. Even a single swipe of this highlighter will give you the coveted dewy look and you can conveniently apply it anywhere you go!

5. Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter, Maybelline

The majority of ultra popular highlighters are rather pricey, but, as always, Maybelline is here for anyone shopping on a budget. This highlighter has a rich gold tone with visible sparkles, which means it’s the ideal option for a night out where you want to look like a bronze goddess.

6. Rainforest Of The Sea Radiance Drops, Tarte

This Tarte product brought innovation to the highlighter market. It comes in a liquid form and can be used in at least two ways. First, you can use it as a highlighter by applying it to the required areas. Second, you can add a bit of the highlighter to your foundation for a subtle glow perfect for daytime.

7. Galaxy Lumiere Holographic Eyeshadow, L’Oréal

We have already established that most highlighters can double as sparkly eyeshadow, but it turns out this works the other way around as well! This holographic eyeshadow by L’Oréal looks stunning when applied to your eyelids, and when used as a highlighter, it gives your skin a chic cool sparkle.

8. Bronze Glow Highlighting Powder, Bobbi Brown

If you are looking for a special product that you would wear only to special occasions, consider this highlighting powder by Bobbi Brown. It’s incredibly sparkly, and even the tiniest amount of the powder will give you plenty of glow. Try applying the highlighter under your eyebrow for more definition!

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