Fashion Blogger Explain His First Experience Battle With Transport Driver

On 22 of February 2019 a day to Nigeria general election, I chose to remain off from school in view of any issue or emergency.

I have only N500 with me and one of my inn bea is likewise going to thesame goal, we ceased a taxi and I chose to pay her vehicle charge, which is N100, so have burned through N200 as of now from N500.

After the taxi halted in a bustling street as traveler meandering here and there in light of the fact that transport is as rare as lion salivation.

As a delicate person I hold my telephone tight and move tenderly here and there like others searching for transport. Typically the vehicle expense from my momentum area to my home is simply N200 however the shortage of transport changed the cost to N300, I took a gander at the transport conductor yelling " the cost is N300 in the event that you can't pay you can leave " I contemplated internally that have paid for my inn bae so I won't have any money to purchase minerals or sachet water.

Alright no issue, fortunately a transport came and chose to convey us for N250, we estimated it to N200 he didn't state anything and we entered his transport. On our way the travelers discussed the following day election however I didn't state anything of course.

In the wake of achieving my goal I descended and I gave the driver N200, from the other sit, I was going to call a bicycle man to convey me and my gear to my home, the driver descended and yelled at me that his cash is N250 I don't have a clue what came over me and I yelled at him too. He said he will beat me I said to hellfire with you and your beating, he endeavored to hold my N5k Vintage shirt, I yelled at him once more.

The driver around that carport came to settle the battle yet they upheld him since they did thesame work, I must choose between limited options to give him his Parity.

I feel humiliated in light of the fact that am delicate more than yelling due to N50, I have a craving for slapping him however on the off chance that they get me ehhn they will beat me beat up, all the driver yell at me I conveyed my possessions and I moved discreetly far from there, No body to battle for me.

That is my shoot anecdote about my battle with driver

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