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Congested skin and clogged pores are two of the most common skin problems women have to deal with. These things can happen regardless of your skin type or skin care routine. Check out the most effective solutions for clearing congested skin right now!

1. Skin Cleansing

Cleansing is the first and often the most important step of any skin care routine, and it’s especially vital for dealing with the congested skin problem. In order to clean your face effectively without doing more harm, you need to pick the right cleansing products.

A big mistake is buying harsh cleansing products. Even if you have oily or acne-prone skin, harsh cleansers will only make the problem worse. Look for a cream or oil-based cleanser if you have dry skin and gel or foam if you have normal, combination, or oily skin.

2. Exfoliation

If the top layer of your skin is congested by dead skin cells and other agents, it will be impossible to unclog your pores even with the most effective methods. That is why you need to help your skin get rid of dead skin cells, and proper exfoliation is the best way to do it.

The key secret here is to avoid products that are too harsh and abrasive. For this reason, you cannot use a body scrub on your face. Look for a facial scrub with a mild action and make sure not to use it more than twice a week to avoid damage to your healthy skin cells.

3. Acid Treatments

In case your congested skin issue is very severe and you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may benefit from using products that contain salicylic or glycolic acids. Usually, they come in the form of lotions and serums. These acids effectively unclog your pores and clear your skin.

However, you should always use acid-based products with caution. If you know your skin is sensitive, it’s best to avoid acid treatment altogether. In case you start using the product and develop a rash, itchy sensation, or your skin becomes too dry, stop using the product. Always start with low acid concentration!

4. Fruit Enzymes

Fruit enzyme-based skin care products act similarly to acid-based products but are much milder on your skin. A good idea is to start with papaya or pineapple enzymes, which will gently help your skin get rid of dead cells and unclog your pores to reveal your healthy and bright complexion.

5. Moisturizer

Moisturizing is a key part of a skin care routine and should be done twice a day, but the product you choose matters even more than the correct moisturizing schedule. If you have congested skin and clogged pores, you should never go for rich creams and heavy, oil-based moisturizers.
Instead, you should opt for lightweight formulas, including gels and lotions. In case you have combination skin that is both congested and dry in different areas, look for a gel moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid for an extra source of essential moisture.

6. Lifestyle Changes

Believe it or not, the way you live, drink, and sleep has a huge effect on the way your skin looks. The most important tip here is to increase your water intake. By supplying your body with enough water from the inside, you allow your skin to get rid of toxins clogging its pores faster.

It’s also a good idea to review your diet and make it healthier if you want to clear your congested skin. A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, nuts and seeds, healthy oil, and a few whole grains, will give you a visible change in your skin’s look within months!

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