How To Make Auto Gele: Video Tutorial

The auto gele is one of the newest additions to the Nigerian fashionista’s wardrobe, but it has quickly become a new favourite for millions of women who love wearing gele. The construction of the auto gele solves the annoying problem of having to spend a long time tying your gele to often disappointing results.

Due to its simplicity and beautiful design, an auto gele will become your must-have no matter where you’re headed. Check out the most helpful tutorial on how to make auto gele!

1. What You’ll Need

To sew your very first own auto gele, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Gele fabric of your choice
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Mannequin head (optional)

A couple of notes on the required materials. The gele fabric should be chosen based on the outfits you plan to wear your gele with and your colour and texture preferences. Thick and sturdy fabrics work best with gele. A good choice of a gele fabric is Aso Oke and chinos material.

A mannequin head is not mandatory for the process of creating a gele, but it will speed up the fitting of the gele without constantly putting it on and taking it off your head. However, you can easily sew a beautiful gele without a mannequin head.

2. How To Make Auto Gele

Ready to make your own gorgeous gele? Follow these steps to create an auto gele:

  1. Create the base for your gele by securing the edge of the first cut of the gele. First, you need to mark it with some pins, and when you are happy with the way the edge looks, secure it with a sewing machine.
  2. Now comes the important part of creating the pleats for your gele. The standard number of pleats is 6, and while it’s not recommended to go for less than 6 pleats, you can easily add more pleats to your gele. It will add volume to your creation and showcase your talent. Create pleats on your auto gele the same way you would do it with a regular gele. This is where a mannequin head may come in handy!
  3. Secure each pleat with pins. When you finish pleating the gele, review the construction well. The pleats should be 1/2 inch away from each other.
  4. If it looks exactly like you imagined, make the shape of the gele permanent by using a sewing machine.
  5. After you finish sewing the gele, you can take additional steps into making it fashionable, unique, and perfect for any outfit. For example, you can use beads, stones, 3D flowers, embroidery, or sequins.

3. Video Tutorial

If you understand the information in video form better or simply want to see someone more experienced sewing an auto gele, here is a video tutorial that will help you master the art of making auto gele.

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