How To Mix Black Soap For Skin Lightening HiTNG

Black soap is a skin care product that has achieved incredible popularity not only in Africa but also all over the world. Black soap is considered to be the best soap for dark skin for a reason, but, most importantly, black soap is the answer to the question: how to lighten your skin naturally ? Find out how to mix black soap for skin lightening right now!

1. Black Soap Ingredients

Before you learn how to make lightening black soap , first make sure you have all of the ingredients at hand. Here is what you’ll need for mixing black soap at home.

  • Base oil
  • Cocoa pods or banana peels
  • Essential oil or dried herbs
  • Distilled water

Perhaps, the most important one of the black bleaching soap ingredients is the base oil. The choice of the base oil depends on what you have at home and what additional properties you want your black soap for the skin to have.

Most Nigerian ladies want to know how to mix African black soap with shea butter , so that’s what we’ll focus on in our tutorial.

To make the best whitening soap for dark skin , you’ll also need some tools:

Double boiler or two heatproof bowls in different sizes
Spatula for mixing
Mold for soap

2. How To Mix Black Soap For Fair Skin

To find out how to mix black soap for glowing skin at home, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the banana peels, cocoa pods, or the combination of two into ashes, grinding them to a powder consistency.
  2. 2. Heat up the distilled water without boiling it and dissolve the ashes. The darker the solution is, the more concentrated your soap will be. Continue adding the ashes or water until you reach the desired color and consistency.
  3. Use a double boiler to gently and slowly melt the shea butter. Make sure not to overheat it, otherwise, it will lose a major part of the healing properties.
  4. Combine the two liquids and continue to slowly heat it up in the double boiler. While the mixture is heating up, you can add the essential oils or dried herbs of your choice. For example, tea tree oil can help clear the skin, and dried chamomile flowers act as a strong exfoliating agent.
  5. Soon you will notice a soapy film starting to form on the surface of the liquid. Carefully scoop it out of the bowl and pour into the soap molds or containers you’ve prepared.
  6. Leave the soap in a cool place for up to 2 weeks for the soap formation process to finish. After that, you can use black soap for skin lightening and other purposes.

3. Black Soap Uses

Now that you know how to make toning black soap , you’re probably wondering whether this soap has any other skin benefits. We need to say that the overall effect of the soap largely depends on what to mix with black soap.

You can study the effects of various essential oils and herbs to decide what to put into your own soap. However, even the basic black soap recipe has a lot of benefits for skin:

Relieving effect on irritated skin
Removes skin discoloration
Helps fight acne
One of the most powerful exfoliating solutions
Anti-ageing effect on lines and wrinkles
Alleviates razor bumps
Removes dandruff and clarifies scalp skin

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