How To Start A Profitable Smoothie Business In Nigeria

A smoothie is a thick beverage made from blended raw fruit or vegetables with other ingredients such as water, ice, dairy products or sweeteners. The fruits needed for its production can be readily found in the local market or supermarkets.

This post will give you important tips on how to start a smoothie business in Nigeria. Take a look at them below.

1.Learn How To Make Smoothie

You need to get acquainted with the various smoothie recipes which the internet can provide. Learn different methods and try them on your own to know which taste better. Videos are available for you to watch so you can learn fast. Just make sure you have ample information and well skilled for the production.

2.Business Plan

Make sure you draw a business plan on how you want to run the business. Make sure you include all the necessary factors and equipment needed to have a successful business. You have to make sure you follow through with your business plan.

3. Get A Good Location

When securing a location for your business, you have to consider different factors like the exposure, neatness, accessibility for customers, space and many more. Make sure, it’s neat and entertaining because some people might want to have their smoothie right at the point of sale.

4. Find Out Your Competition And Study Them

For you to be a successful businesswoman, you have to know your competitions. Study them and know what they’re doing to stay at the top. Make sure you pay attention to details in your investigation. Then figure out how to be better than them.

5.Source For Funds

Are you financing the business or you need to source for the fund? Whichever way, just make sure you get your capital ready so you can kick off the business.

6.Register Your Business

Make sure you register your business so you have issues with the law when you already have a productive business. Register your business with the right bodies. Also, find out where you have to register your product so you can have a concrete plan on how to do that.

7. Get The Necessary Pieces Of Equipment

Make sure you have the right pieces of equipment for the production of the smoothies. Have quality in mind when getting these pieces of equipment which include blender, cup, straw, juice extractor and many more.


You must be able to market your business very well in order to make a good profit. Marketing is a core part of a business and ample time and energy as to dedicated to it.

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