Kimono Fashion Styles You Will Love

Kimono is a piece of clothing that originated in Japan but quickly gained popularity around the world. As always, Nigerian fashionistas put their own twist on the kimono by combining this style with their favourite Ankara fabric.

Check out 15 best ways to wear a kimono right now!

1. Look #1

A cheerful kimono is an easy way to make your whole outfit stand out, but if you want to make it even more unique, add an interesting detail – for example, a lovely bow.

2. Look #2

A little black dress is a complete and chic outfit on its own, but when you throw over a matching kimono, you instantly begin looking like you’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine photoshoot.

3. Look #3

Some of the most successful fashion styles are all about contrast, and here is a great outfit to illustrate this rule. A combination of white jeans with a white top is vastly upgraded by the colourful kimono.

4. Look #4

Wondering how to include your favourite kimono jacket into your smart casual style for office? Simply pair it with understated, earthy tones and make the outfit more appropriate for the workplace with the right accessories.

5. Look #5

A more playful and youthful version of a kimono jacket is this cute little piece. The unusually shaped sleeves and the striking pattern would make it a great addition to just about every outfit.

6. Look #6

If you are looking for the most relaxed version of an outfit starring a kimono, consider the pairing of plain jeans and a white top with a sleeveless, short kimono in your favourite Ankara pattern.

7. Look #7

Here is an example of how the right kimono jacket can spice up even the most mundane outfit. A combination of black jeans and a black top is hardly exciting, but adding a colourful kimono is the smartest way to make the whole look pop. 

8. Look #8

A true fashionista always knows more than one way to rock her favourite kimono! Check out gorgeous how the same kimono looks when used in three completely different outfits.

9. Look #9

The pattern of this Ankara kimono instantly makes you think of the summer, beach, and sun, but the black outfit underneath brings the much-needed balance and allows you to wear this look all year round.

10. Look #10

Pregnant ladies are free to choose any outfits they view as stylish and comfortable, but a chic and comfortable kimono is something every mother-to-be should at least consider wearing!

11. Look #11

For a fun and casual take on the traditional kimono, look for the most vibrant and unusual print, and then pair your kimono with relatively understated clothing to make it truly stand out.

12. Look #12

With a beautiful little black dress and an elegant, long-sleeved kimono, you can attend even the most important event. Try this look at the next wedding you are planning to go to!

13. Look #13

Even a seemingly boring combination of blue jeans and a white tank top can look like a runway outfit if you pair it with a custom-made Ankara kimono and stylish footwear.

14. Look #14

Instantly make your whole look dramatic and mysterious by choosing a dark-coloured kimono and a black dress underneath.

15. Look #15

This maxi-length kimono would look fantastic in a variety of situations, but we are convinced you would really enjoy wearing it to the beach or during a lazy day by the pool.

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