Proud moment son becomes pilot like his father, takes him on 1st official flight

Parents are always great influences on their children. This can be said for Nick Brown who followed his father’s footsteps to become a pilot.

According to Because of Them We Can, Wills Brown, Nick's father, now 84, was one of the few black commercial pilots in 1968 with inspiring flying records.

No wonder Nick would want to follow in his path at age of six, learning about how his father became an accomplished pilot.

Nick’s dream came through 31 years after when he got his private pilot’s license, adding that it is an achievement that he worked towards since 2013.
“Usually it only takes about six months to a year and a half, but I work on an oil rig so it took me six years because I could only pursue the license on my days off,” he said.
Their first flight together was for an hour and forty minutes from Wisener airport in Texas to Galveston Island and then back.

He said his father was very excited and bought him a chocolate cake after the flight.
“He bought me a chocolate cake. He was excited and he was really impressed with my flight plan,” he said.
Nick, however, has a degree in Electric Engineering Technology from Prairie View A&M University, a field he had a good career in.

His passion for flying planes could have been influenced by the experience him and his sister had from flying with their dad when they were kids.

He added: “He would have these layovers for a few days and he would take us to whatever theme parks were in those cities.

“We were flying business class and first class as kids. He would fly us to Miami then he would fly us to LA and take us to Disneyland.”
Nick’s father learned how to fly in 1959 at Howard University.

The young pilot also said that taking his father on the flight was a proud moment for him, adding that if he does not fly again, he would be happy he made the dad-son flight.

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