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From a very young age, girls from around the world imagine their future wedding dress in the smallest detail. But why dream about just one wedding gown when you can have two? More and more Nigerian brides prepare two weddings: one for the ceremony, and one for the reception. Check out 15 best ideas of reception bridal gowns!

1. Why Do You Need A Reception Gown?

If you hardly ever seen brides change into a second gown for the reception, you may be wondering whether you need a reception gown at all. However, there are at least three reasons to buy a second wedding dress:

  • The traditional Nigerian wedding requires the bride to wear a traditional Nigerian wedding gown. With your reception gown, you can step away from the tradition and wear a dress that is as modern, daring, or unconventional as you like.
  • A wedding reception cannot be imagined without food and drinks, and with all the dancing and mingling, it’s very possible that you will stain your expensive wedding ceremony gown. Changing into something more casual and accessible for the reception takes out the unwanted stress from the event.
  • Traditional wedding gowns are extremely beautiful, but often equally uncomfortable. If you are planning to have the time of your life during your wedding reception and dance the night away, change into something that won’t restrict your movements or make you feel inconvenienced in other ways.

2. Reception Bridal Gown Ideas

If you are currently in the process of imagining and then designing your perfect reception gown, here are some cute and interesting outfits for your inspiration.

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