Drag her by her lacefront! Fan tells NotJustOk founder to disrespect Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw and Notjustok co-founder Ovie have had a war of words on twitter. It started when Kate Henshaw reacted to the attacks on Nigerians by South Africans saying; ''We are responsible for how people treat us...''

Many Nigerians find the tweet tasteless and Ovie also expressed his mind. While telling her followers she was ready for them, Kate however belittled them by telling them she won't reply anyone who has below 50,000 followers. So most people's tweet against her didn't get a response.

Ovie also expressed his mind, saying she should know better, but Kate went in on him. In a second tweet Ovie warned he was a big admirer but still respects her tho. But some of his fans won;t have it, and wonder why Ovie still called her a big sister after their alteration. A user suggested Ovie should have dragged her by her lacefront INSTEAD!

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