3 Places In Your Matrimonial Home You Should Avoid Making Love And Why

Lovemaking in marriage is one of the essential acts that married couples should carry out from time to time for some obvious reasons. First, it creates emotional bond between couples. In addition, health experts believe that climax during lovemaking can give relief from stress.

Inasmuch “how”, “when” and “where” a married man and woman should make love are not universally drafted for couples to follow, there is need for life partners to take caution and apply their discretion when making love in some selected places in their matrimonial home.

The following 3places should be out of your preferred places of lovemaking:

1. The kitchen.

More often than not, lovemaking happens in the kitchen during cooking. The woman may be preparing a meal in the kitchen and be met by her husband in the process. From there, they can end up making out when one of the parties initiate the act and the other welcome it.

Why you should not have carnal knowledge of each other in the kitchen.

Since the act will likely happen in a standing position, one of the parties may miss his/her step and fall to the ground. Such accident can lead to a serious injury. If care is not taken, the victim may hit his/her head on a hard surface.

2. The bathroom.

Needless to mention, the floor of most bathrooms contain tiles which can become slippery due to soapy water from bathing. One thing about lovemaking is, when the parties are in a pleasurable state, they are hardly conscious of things around themRead The Full Information Here

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