Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated by all couples, and it is coming!
Usually, we do something pleasant for our loved ones, and everyone tries hard to be creative and surprise their soulmates.

But what if you will decide not to concentrate all efforts on choosing a gift, but arrange a romantic 24 hours, spending a minimum money and, to be honest, very little effort?

And now we will tell you about the 5 things that will really surprise your boyfriend!

1. Make a romantic breakfast for him

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Make sure that the day is set in the morning, and prepare his favorite breakfast. In this day, the usual scrambled eggs, toasts or scrambled eggs, made in the shape of a heart will become a hundred times tastier – that’s a proven fact!
And do not forget to spice up the dish with a kiss!

2. Do everything possible to look perfect

If you want to please your man, the first thing you have to do is to look great! Do not let your man see you in an old stretched T-shirt and shorts with the ketchup stains.
Take a bath with aroma oils, make wonderful manicure and pedicure, face and hair mask in advance. It is a good option to visit a beauty salon nearby and experiment a bit with your hairdo.

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But keep in mind not to overdo while preparing for this day: you have to look lovely, but you should stay yourself!

3. Leave love messages in his trousers

Here you will need to show your ingenuity, and sometimes – your sleight of hand.
Prepare a few small paper messages with a few pleasant words in advance. You can recall quotes from romantic movies that you have watched together, or a few phrases from your favorite novels.

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Place the first note under a plate with his breakfast, the second one – in his trouser pocket. He can find his third note in the glove compartment of a car.

But remember that even the most romantic man will get tired, if you will write him 55 messages a day, so try to control yourself!

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4. Take a tour to the Places of Love

Offer your boyfriend to take a walk before dinner. Plan your route in advance, everything should be under control.

We have already highlighted some beautiful places below your budget you can take your love ones to check here

Try to recall the most important places that both of you associate with the pleasant moments: a place where you have got acquainted, the square where you have met each other on your first date. Refresh your romantic moments and go have some delicious dinner!

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5. Wear your sexiest lingerie

Even if you like your simple cotton lingerie, on Valentine’s Day you should wear your best sexy lingerie of lace or satin. As you know, men love with their eyes, and there’s nothing more beautiful you’re your woman, wearing fantastic underwear just for you!