5 Ways You Can Easily Get Rid Of Strech Marks

Check out these 5 Ways you can get rid of stretch marks

  1. Spread Aloe Vera Over Your Stretch Marks
    Aloe Vera keeps your skin moist, which is important for treating your skin fast and effectively.[1]

(This is why you find aloe vera in many beauty products)

Here’s how to use aloe vera to treat your stretch marks:aloe vera stretch mark removal

  1. Apply Stretch Mark Cream Twice a Day
    Applying stretch mark creams is one of the FASTEST way to remove your stretch marks.

(It can reduce the appearance of your stretch marks in as little as 3 weeks)

Here is a before & after picture of a mother who used a stretch mark cream after pregnancy:stretch marks before and after

Bottom line: if you want to get rid of your stretch marks as fast as possible, I recommend this method. (Click here to read my stretch mark cream reviews)

However, if you are on a budget, I have other options for you later in this post.

With that, here’s how to apply a stretch mark cream on your skin (for best results):

Take a warm shower to open pores in your skin.
Put a thick amount of stretch mark cream on your stretch marks.
Gently massage in a circular motion for about 2 minutes.
Allow at least 5 minutes to fully penetrate into your skin, before putting on clothes.
Apply twice a day until you see results.

  1. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil increases blood flow to your skin, and produces collagen fibers, which is important for treating stretch marks.

It also helps your skin retain its elasticity and suppleness.

Here’s how to use coconut oil to remove your stretch marks:

Cut a coconut in half, and use a scraper to extract the flesh.
Chop the flesh into small pieces
Shred them in a blender at medium speed. Add some hot water if necessary.
Pour into a jar over a strainer.
Leave the jar in the fridge overnight. (This allows separation of coconut milk and oil)
Scoop out the curd from the jar. (This is the solidified coconut oil)
Place them in a saucepan, turn on the stove for low-medium heat.
While stirring frequently, cook for 1 hour.
Let it cool down for 15 minutes, and pour over a coffee filter to extract oil.
Apply this oil twice a day on stretch marks until you see improvement.

  1. Get Rid of Your Stretch Marks with Retinolhow to apply
    Retinol is another fast way to get rid of your stretch marks.[4]

But what is Retinol exactly?

Retinol is a compound found in Vitamin A, which produces collagen that is needed to repair your stretch marks.[5]

Retinol also works great if you got your stretch marks recently.

However, excess Vitamin A may not be safe to use while your pregnant.[6]

So if you’re pregnant, consult your doctor before using Retinol.

So with that out of the way,

Here’s how to apply Retinol to remove stretch marks:

Get a Retinol cream.
Apply a small amount on areas of stretch marks.
Apply once every other day in the first week.
Apply once a day in the second week.
From week 3, apply twice a day, morning and night after a warm shower.
Continue application until you see a result.

  1. Massage Your Skin with Black Tea
    black tea
    Black tea massage is a highly effective and fast way of getting rid of stretch marks at home.

Because it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which help decrease in cell damages and control skin pigmentation.[7]

Black tea massage directions:

Prepare 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of black tea powder.
Dissolve the black tea powder in warm water.
Add salt and then boil it for about 2 minutes.
Let it cool down for 30 minutes.
Apply on affected areas of your skin 3 times a day.
See results in about 3 to 4 weeks


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