A Look At The Richest State In Nigeria


A look at the richest state in Nigeria

Lagos State is the richest state in Nigeria when you look at the estimated amount of money it contributes to the Gross Domestic Product-GDP of the country.

Lagos State
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Lagos state contributed $33.679 billion in estimated GDP contribution to the whole Nigerian economy in 2019. This makes it the richest state in Nigeria in terms of.
As a matter of fact, this is even larger than a few African countries whose economies are very small.

These figures are solely based on internally generated revenue from each state, and how Lagos State contributed massively to the national coffers.
1. Lagos state (GDP: $33.679 billion)
2. Rivers state (GDP: $21.073 billion)
3. Delta state (GDP: $16.749 billion)
4. Oyo state (GDP: $16.121 billion)
5. Imo state ($14.212 billion)
6. Kano state ($12.393 billion)
7. Edo state ($11.888 billion)
8. Akwa Ibom state ($11.179 billion)
9. Ogun state ($10.470 billion)
10. Kaduna state ($10.334 billion)

Source: abtc.ng

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