Actor Itele Finally Admits ‘Abandoned Children’ Are His

Actor Itele Finally Admits ‘Abandoned Children’ Are His

Yoruba Nollywood actor Ibrahim Yekini aka Itele has admitted the children a particular woman accused him of abandoning are actually his.

Reca;; a video was shared online where a woman cliamed to be the actor’s first wife, and also said the actor had abandoned she and their children.

Itele who had first lashed out at those who attacked hom for abandoing his family, has now apologised and ADMITTED he is actually their father.

If you miss the first post, see it here.

Apologising to fans, family members, and freinds, he wrote:

”The past few days has been been Roller coster of Emotions for me , First and Foremost I will like to thank those who reached out concerning this issue , thank you so much, God bless Everyone.

”Recently I have been in and out of the hospital but I choose not to post or say anything about it on my page so I don’t bother anyone trusting God for good health until few days ago when the issue of my Ex wife and kids made its way to the internet, I felt so bad and typed out of anger which I regret bitterly, Nobody is perfect and I will want to apologize openly to my fans, family and friends who felt disappointed in my write up, I take back those words and I promise going forward I will do BETTER. I Love my kids and and I promise to do the needful henceforth, I am apologizing to the general public to please forgive my earlier outburst and disregard it, To my Fans worldwide , God bless everyone and to those who reached out too, I appreciate it a lot, Thank you.”


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