Actress Ejine Okoroafor adds new meaning to beauty in shaved head

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At different times and places people have shaved all or part of their heads for very diverse reasons including practicality, convenience, low maintenance, fashion, style, religion, culture, aesthetics and what have you, but for Nollywood screen goddess, Ejine Okoroafor, it appears new meaning may have been added to ‘beauty’. “The beautiful ones have indeed been born. Ada ameshi, nwayi oma…one of Oguta’s finest. Imako biko,” says one comment.
The actress had captioned the picture ‘Wonder Woman Extraordinaire’ to commemorate the International Women’s Day which held on Friday. She was indeed a symbol of beauty, made all the more captivating by the blazing volcanoes pouring out of her chest.
Unlike some stars who have gone under the knife to alter or enhance their gifts of nature, Ejine had her gifts bestowed on her by mother nature. In fact she once confessed to Potpourri that big breast runs in her family. She’s a 5th child among 7 children and all the girls in the family carry just as much load on their chests.


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