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After killing 60 people & captured by 50 men, this killer crocodile named “Osama” sparks reactions

A news report indicates that the Ugandan Wildlife officials have successfully captured a huge killer crocodile named “Osama”.

The killer crocodile which was captured by the Ugandan wildlife officials has amazing weight of about one (1) ton and have killed many people in Uganda lake known as Lake Victoria.

About sixty (60) people have been allegedly killed by the monster crocodile in Ugandan Lake Victoria which the giant crocodile a killer crocodile in the area before its capture.

The killer crocodile named “Osama” was captured by a total number of fifty (50) men who were hired for the sole purpose of restraining the monster in Uganda.

Below is a screenshot of the report –

The name of the crocodile and the incident caused a great reaction online and below are screenshots –

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