‘Age Of Empires 4’ introduces the Abbasid Dynasty ahead of launch

'Age Of Empires 4' Introduces The Abbasid Dynasty Ahead Of Launch

‘Age Of Empires 4’ introduces the Abbasid Dynasty ahead of launch

Xbox Game Studios has released a new trailer for Age Of Empires 4 which introduces the Abbasid Dynasty, a playable faction in the game.

The new trailer for Age Of Empires 4 details the Abbasid Dynasty’s playstyle. They are a fierce civilisation that relies on aggressive tactics, such as fast raids and quick repositioning around the map. They boast sturdy infantry and unique cavalry units to support their highly mobile playstyle.

The Abbasid Dynasty is also different to other Age Of Empires 4 factions because their infantry can build siege weapons in the field without relying on upgrades. While they are a heavy cavalry faction, they can also upgrade their spearmen to deal with opposing cavalry efficiently.

The faction also comes with two types of camel units. There are frontline warrior and archer variants to help dominate the battlefield. If they encounter a terrible fight, they can use their speed to escape quickly and reposition. This can also be used to lead foes into ambushes, as seen in the trailer.

The camels also offer another advantage over other Age Of Empires 4 civilisations. They have an aura that makes units near them more effective against cavalry and can be upgraded to improve friendly units’ armour. The camels are also useful for chasing down fleeing cavalry that would otherwise escape.

One potential drawback to the Abbasid Dynasty is that they could not hunt boars for food, instead relying on deer and berries for their populations. These populations will grow around a house of worship. This building allows for significant benefits to nearby buildings and unlocking new abilities for structures like keeps.

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