Americans eat “fufu and egusi” in new tiktok challenge (videos)

Americans Eat “Fufu And Egusi” In New Tiktok Challenge (Videos)

Americans Eat &Ldquo;Fufu And Egusi&Rdquo; In New Tiktok Challenge (Videos)

Fufu and egusi soup is becoming a trend on Tiktok as some americans taste the african delicacy for the first time.

This is also piling up different reactions on Twitter. “These foreign people on TikTok are eating Fufu and vomiting it and y’all find it funny or cute. I hope you’d find it funny too if I also eat shawarma or any other foreign food on camera and vomit in disgust without calling me local” A Nigerian wrote.

“Who’s forcing these people to do the “fufu challenge”?” Another african wrote.

 The common meal which is made from cassava and mainly served with groundnut soup, “draw soup” or any local soup is meant to be swallowed not chewed. This is however not the case as few Americans were videoed chewing the “fufu”.

“All these people disrespecting our Fufu and Egusi na God go judge una o. Stop chewing it, you’re not a hoodlum” A Nigerian wrote.

“Fufu tastes good as hell, either your tastebuds are ???? or the African auntie that made it can’t cook. Frankly, if you like “Spanish” or Caribbean food… you’ll like fufu. The foods are all very similar anyway so I assume your “eww” reaction is because you’re a xenophobe.” An african wrote.

“This fufu challenge on TikTok is so gross. Fufu isn’t a ‘challenge’. It’s a traditional everyday Ghanaian meal. Not some kind of inhuman, inedible thing. If you lot want a food challenge, just make a horseradish and peppermint tea sandwich and call it a day. Smh.” A ghanaian wrote.

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