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Another teacher and student caught doing Tlof Tlof in Mzansi [Watch]

It never ends for the tlof tlof community of South Africa and seems like people are forever looking for the most humiliating or rather adventurous spots to quench their “thirst”.

It usually always ends in tears though as indicated by the copious amount of video footage that has found it’s way onto the public domain.

Teacher and Student relationships have always been frowned on but the reality of the matter is it is happening right under our noses.

In this latest incident, a teacher and a student can be seen engaging right in front of other amused students.

Informing everyone, the student who records them attracts a huge crowd. Seeing that people were swarming to where they were, the two in question stage an act. Pretending to be sick, the student is seen receiving consolation from the teacher.

Other similar incidents have occurred in the past few days and Mzansi is worried. Social media is set ablaze after a leaked video of two students having quality time in the class went viral. Watch it here

In the lengthy video, the two students are seen fondling each other and making love. To make matters worse they were in school uniform and the girl is even seen going dirty whilst on the laps of a male student.

The viral video of students comes barely a few days after a video of a convicted male inmate and a female prison warder went viral.

Based on the policy privacy by advertisers, the video can’t be uploaded here. CLICK HERE to follow our TWITTER page and watch the full video.

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