Another UPDF soldier shoots at Traffic Police officer

Another UPDF soldier shoots at Traffic Police officer

Another UPDF soldier shoots at Traffic Police officer

There was a scuffle on Monday evening in the city centre when a UPDF officer fought with a Traffic Police officer over traffic jam.

The incident according to eyewitnesses happened near Mukwano Mall along Kyaggwe road when military police officers driving a green vehicle registration number D02DF08P ordered the traffic officer to clear the way for them.

“The officer told the military police officers to be patient as the vehicles clears but one of them grabbed traffic police officer by the collar and dragged him for some distance,” said  an eyewitnesses who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal .

In a phone video recorded by an unknown person, the UPDF officer is seen dragging the traffic officer in a manner similar to a goat being taken to graze as his colleague tries to save the situation but in vain.

In the scuffle, the UPDF officer in a bid to target the traffic police officer released a bullet that missed him but damaged a nearby vehicle, a Toyota Premio registration number UAR 308L which belonged to a civilian.

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the incident.

“The Millitary Police officers were stuck in traffic jam and  one of the crews got off the car and approached the traffic officer.  He ordered the traffic officer to open the road for them but  told them to be patient since there was alot of traffic Jam . To his surprise, he was  just grabbed  by the collar ,  a scuffle ensued and a bullet was discharged by the Military Police officer which damaged another car,”Owoyesigyire.

He noted the matter was taken up by higher authorities and that the Military Police commander has since arrested the whole crew on the vehicle.


This is yet another incident involving UPDF officers misbehaving while on the road.

In January, a Traffic Police officer lost his leg after being shot by a UPDF officer for impounding his vehicle.

In an incident that was  condemned by many, Police Constable Robert Mukebezi was shot and injured as he towed a UPDF Toyota Prado TX registration number H4DF 1391 that had earlier been involved in an accident.

Whereas medics amputated the Traffic Police officer’s leg , on the other side, justice has not been served as Maj Alpha Okua, the commander of the vehicle on the day has never been brought to book.

The developments point to a growing level of impunity among army officers  but also many other security personnel  and others in positions of influence in the country.


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