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Any Animal Found In The Street Of Ifaki In Ekiti Today Would Be Killed – See Reason

When it comes to Norms and tradition, yoruba seems to have one of the strangest and strongest tradition of all tribe.

In the town of Ifaki In Ekiti, Anytime the king of the town is dead, all animals found in the street must be killed.

The effect and circumstances of not carrying out this ritual isn’t know yet. But it’s very strange.

Immediately the king demise is announced to the proposal of Ifaki, most of them run to lock their animals in the cage


They are given little time to do so, that’s why animals would surely be found dead.

Today, the tradition took place in the town of Ifaki as the royal Highness, Olufaki of Ifaki- Ekiti joined his ancestors. One would wonder if this act can still be done in a world where civilization is the mother of the day.

This tradition is one of the strangest I have ever seen.

Imagine me having a rot weiler or Bull dog and I have been breeding it for years. so if my king dies, the dog worth millions must not be found on the street.

Make dem no go kill john wick Dog oo

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