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Aswani was sentenced to one day in prison for killing her husband in self-defence

The Siaya woman who grabbed headlines after receiving a one-day jail term for killing her husband has opened up on her chaotic marriage.

Truphena Ndonga Aswani pleaded guilty to the murder of her husband, James Oyengo Obochi; she was expecting a huge sentence but in what she now terms as a miracle, she was imprisoned for a single day.

Speaking to The Standard, the widow said she loved her husband despite killing him on December 14, 2020, in self-defence.

She said she loved him especially because she made him pregnant after coming out of another marriage which collapsed because she could not bear a child.

“No doubt I loved my husband. He made me pregnant in 2010 and for that I respected and persevered his flaws,” she said.

Aswani also said she will apologise in person to the family of her late spouse because she knew they were angry at her for taking their kin’s life.

She is currently living with her step-brother in Kakamega as she cannot go back to her home in Siaya due to safety concerns.

“I know his death hurt them. I am in the process of finding a way of personally apologizing to his kin and the community where I was an elder,” she said.

As it was reported, the woman was ordered to serve a one-day non-custodial sentence after her case was reduced from murder to manslaughter.

In the decision made on International Women’s Day, the court advised everyone in abusive relationships to run for their lives.

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