At 36, I’m not yet Married but the Worse Thing is, I’m in Love with my Little Brother – Lady tells her story in tears

At 36, I’m Not Yet Married But The Worse Thing Is, I’m In Love With My Little Brother – Lady Tells Her Story In Tears

At 36, I’m Not Yet Married But The Worse Thing Is, I’m In Love With My Little Brother – Lady Tells Her Story In Tears

I’m Suzanne Abidjat. I was born in Douala on 18 July 1986, here I am 36. I think the good Lord has forgotten me, sadly, because I celebrated my 36 years of life last month, and still without a husband.

I didn’t have the grace to go to school so let’s say I’m an illiterate, but is this my illiterate status the problem? I don’t think so because I have friends who are illiterates like me and are still married. I am still with my uncle in at this time of my life, He was the one who brought me up since I was little, I didn’t know my own parents. I am with my little brother Samuel Abiyaté and Uncle Séverin Abiyaté.

My worry, for 1 year now I’ve felt something for Samuel and that feeling doesn’t pass away, I really love him.Continue Reading Full Gist Here! Dont Miss It

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  1. The reality is that you have not associated with men, because people will always choose from the women that interact with.this is natural that interest develop from seeing and knowing. Iwould encourage you to stop that intimacy with your brother and start interacting with the men of your faith. I am praying for to be loved by somepne.

    1. The most important thing is that, you are talking about your brother here right, You have to stop that madness and fine some one else you are still beautiful and young people love you, but if I may ask?Is he really your brother

  2. My dear thats very bad ……how can the devil attempt u and go love ur brother
    Its something bad birn that satan and chase him away from you
    Call me +256705957310

  3. Bambi! We are also very many! But leave ur bro,coz thats a curse frm God,instead fall for mhe (+256775889284)

  4. My dear ! I’m here to tell you that God is good all the time. He knows everything about you. He knows the time you get married. Continue trust in God. 0978212977.u you can call me. I’m zambia.

    1. You need to leave your uncle’s house and stay away from them and tell yourself that you have to move on ….it may not be easy but just give it time with prayers all will be okay

  5. Wow…thats so bad dear.. thats 100% NOT Godly, leave evil, come to God. He is waiting for you to come to him..Am Ricky from California . WhatsApp +256783170905

  6. Dont worry about it and if you want to leave that person you can call me on: 0991809747/0888669519. Am a malawian from capital city of malawi

  7. Please dear i’m 27yrs single like me on 0787533478/0757010995 and we talk i’m also looking for marriage

  8. No problem with loving your brother coz he is the son to your uncle not to Ur father, that means that Ur uncle is a brother to Ur mother so he is not from Ur clan, in Uganda a child is supposed to be for the father’s clan not mother so iam kindly requesting the government to see that.

  9. Write your comment here…The time they were calling u, you were telling them you still have time, but now u are in your 40s whom do you think will marry you, unless you go for those with 5kids, But stop eating your brother,coz you may not get aman in doing so.

  10. Write your comment here…My sis don’t worry God will give u ur planned lover coz i don’t think zat He created u wizout a reason

  11. Write your comment here…My sister dnt worry GOD Is with u. so dnt loose hope faith and hope in what u beliver is true in ur eyes my dia.sometimes in unger we may follow our hearts so dnt let ur self done. The love which u had for ur bro is nt true i know it hates for u leave without him bt it is maya from sironko. 0775247577

  12. God will adhere to your heart desires just keep praying to God,also try and attend singles programme in the church, well dress,and avoid exposing the sensitive part of your body,I believe very soon your real man will show up, lastly eradicate that feelings toward to your little brother from your mind ooo it’s a great sin before God.

  13. That’s so wrong woman the reason u are feeling that is because u don’t have a companion to feel that gap God’s time is the best remember u are never too old for the right person sometimes we need be delivered from certain spirit that hinders us from getting out destinies or maybe there is a change that need to be done

  14. nga olabye nobuzibu obwo, sooka wenenye eri mukama akusonyiwe byona ebyakusobako. awo omusabe akuyambe akuwe omwami owuwo tolekera kusaba paka nga ofunye awo omwebaze.togwamu maanyi wesige mukama ebyo byakora.njakusabira mukama akola bitasoboka.
    nze chris martin ndi ku0759678486

  15. Is it true or somepipo are framing these stories bt in all the world needs much prayerIs it true or somepipo are framing these stories bt in all the world needs much prayers

  16. Call me i too looking for a woman my be we can get to the solution together you can maybe send me your facebook address..

    1. I think much prayers are wanted, my sister should be strong enough to avoid evil. Never do wonders but believe God will bless you and provide her a suitable man.

  17. My sister be pesent’ u nill to God and every thing will be posible but don’t engaige in relation with ur brMy sister be pesent’ u nill to God and every thing will be posible but don’t engaige in relation with ur bro

  18. Pay more attention to your insight while you seek God’s revelation about your life as you wait patiently. Discard your sexual relationship with your brother and relax as you allow God to fully take control of your mindsets through the holy ghost. Stop fuming and fretting because He chose you and knows that you need the best which He has for you. Be prayerful. God works through prayer my dear sister. I wish you the best moments while waiting to here your confession of what the Lord will have done for you.

  19. Well all above comments good MATHEW 11 :12 some family curses over power us go on the neeling form 👍you will get wat u need u may get married still hard challenges raise northing will be taken without violence true hursband at the door knocking ( IVAN +256781658971)

  20. Thats what i call stupidity in ths world to all men who ar living without patners, hw can u say such nosense sory for you .

    1. Evil ones are known through Fruits of their deeds and their confession through their mouths. I expected you to show maturity in your discouragement to the young man but still am happy you rebuked him and opened up his eyes which were closed.
      Thanks for your concern.

  21. Bad begining makes good ending, my sister God’s time is the best! Dn’t punic. Marriage come fro God.

  22. U are just evil leave your brother alone donde involve him into your evil deeds that’s why no man can ever be with your type

  23. My sister don’t wory,am even like u without wife.and am still seaching,i kno God will help.keep praying he can listen u and he can give u abest husband like josephe the father jesus christ.

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