Beautiful 14 years old housemaid impregnated by old man and failed to accept her and the baby

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This is a little girl of 14years from Imo State who was taken as a house maid..According to her She was been molested and impregnated by the man and his the person of Godwin who is from Umukoro Ngokpala L.G.A. She was made to give birth to the baby and was finally driven out of the house by the man.

Now this little girl is differing in the village not being able to buy baby food nor even eat good. According to her she accepted to go for house maid in order have shelter and food after her both parents died. Now she is left to Carter for the kid alone.. She has made several attempt to abandon this baby and run away due to frustration.. I was so touched and I decided to share this

Now she is crying to the public to help her gain justice she just want the man and his son to accept the kid and take him so she can live her normal life or they should take the responsibility as regards the upbringing of her son.


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