Bisi Alimi proves he’s a beast on heels as he dances energetically at an event in Lagos (video)

Bisi Alimi Proves He'S A Beast On Heels As He Dances Energetically At An Event In Lagos (Video)

Bisi Alimi Proves He

Bisi Alimi has shared a video of him dancing energetically on high heels.


The gay rights activist performed Amerie’s Take Control of Me at the Lagos grand ball, an LGBTQ event which held over a year ago.


Though the event held a while back, Bisi just shared a video of his performance on Instagram, while hinting that another grand ball will hold next year.


His followers were stunned by how well he dances on heels and Bisi, who now lives in the UK, said he has been practising for years, from his days in Ojuelegba, Lagos.


Bisi Alimi Proves He


Watch below.


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