Bovi And Basket Mouth, Who Is The Richest?


Bovi And Basket Mouth, Who Is The Richest?

These comedians have made their marks not only in Nigeria but in the world at large. Basket Mouth obviously has been in the business for a long time and has created a long-lasting brand. His status as a top Comedian is solidified.

Source; Twitter

On the other hand, Bovi hasn’t been long in the comedy space but has managed to make a name for himself as a Top entertainer and comedian, and as well bag a couple of promising endorsement deals.

Who then is the Richest? The ‘OG’ Basket Mouth or the fast-rising comic star Bovi? Let’s explore.

Source; OnoBello

Basket Mouth

With an estimated Net Worth of 2 billion Naira, he undoubtedly ranks among the richest comedians in Nigeria. He is certainly not involved in just Comedy. His interest in events organizing, acting, and his numerous endorsement deals prove to be the source of his riches.

Source; Twitter


With an estimated Net Worth of 600 million Naira as well, Bovi’s fast rise to this level comes as a shock to many and thus, has caused people to make claims like, ‘but he appeared in the scenes not too long’. With his hard work as a comedian, M.C, and brand ambassador to multi-million brands, he has built himself as a rich comic.


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