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Brave Livingstone Nursing School Student Saves Lives Of Twins, Their Mother In Dambwa North

Inge Qalis Kaniini responded to a critical labour condition of a woman who was almost losing twins.

The PHN Livingstone Nursing School Student saved the lives of the twins and their mother by swiftly applying the knowledge she’s gaining in nursing school.

It was around midday when a neighbour reached out for help from the Kaniini’s for a woman who was in Labour and left alone home in the neighbourhood.

Inge quickly rushed out at the call and went in the house to help the woman in Labour.

It was so dark inside that she quickly asked for some light…She saw the woman laying down helplessly in labour and right next to her was a towel on the floor .

When she was trying to reach out for the mother she saw a small baby face down on the floor on top of the towel…

The woman had already given birth…

So Inge without gloves sacrificed to save the baby by all means… she detached the baby from the mother and quickly wrapped the baby in the towel…she told the woman to be strong enough to get up and follow to the clinc as Inge rushes to take the baby there ahead of her by foot…

Little did they all know that there was another baby still coming…

Inge reached Dambwa North Clinic in time to save the baby.

The woman in labour arrived as well and in no time gave birth to the other baby…

The two babies needed serious attention as they were too small …so the ambulance quickly rushed Inge and the woman to the Central Hospital for further medical attention for the babies and the mother.


Take time to applaud Inge for being brave and such a sacrificial life saver!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Credit: Girl Empowerment Alliance for Change

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