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Broken-hearted man cries uncontrollably as he begs his girlfriend for another chance [Watch]

A young man has set social media on fire as he was seen shedding uncontrollable tears after his girlfriend dumped him.

Many boys are told while growing up to man up as they must not be seen crying, but some heartbreaking circumstances make them ignore all advice and give in to their human nature to cry.

Men in love also get deeply hurt and heartbroken like ladies and cry uncontrollable tears. Such is the case of a man who was dumped by his girlfriend.

Instead of moving on and finding another lady like a real gentleman, this weak man cried uncontrollably like a toddler while begging his girlfriend for another chance.

His ex-girlfriend recorded the video call and shared it online, subjecting him to endless trolls.

There are a lot of women out there ready to love him but he is still hanging on trying to salvage a dead relationship.

Well, Watch the video below :

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