"Can Someone Tell Me Why Buhari Wears His Nose Mask Like This?"- Human Rights Lawyer Asks


“Can Someone Tell Me Why Buhari Wears His Nose Mask Like This?”- Human Rights Lawyer Asks

President Muhammadu Buhari might have travelled to France for a summit but his name is still in the mouth of many. Ayo Sogunro, a human rights lawyer and author, has taken to his official Twitter handle to ask question regarding how President Muhammadu Buhari anchors his nose mask.

Since the President came back from a medical trip in London, he no longer anchor his nose mask on his ear lobes, and this made people raised concern over his health condition.

Ayo Sogunro wrote;

“Not the most serious issue in this dystopian nightmare called the Buhari administration, but can someone please tell us why the president has to wear his mask like this?”. https://t.co/hlI4a4BwIA

Left for me, President Muhammadu Buhari isn’t the first not to anchor a face mask on ear lobes, knowing that he is getting aged as the day passes by, anchoring a face mask on his ear lobes might just be a burden because you can’t compare his ears with that of a young man.

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