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Can You Take Your Child to a School Teacher Dressed Like This?

The Teaching profession is just like every other profession in the world where different way of dressing and cloth are available to wear on a given day. it can be referred to as a code of dressing.

The teaching profession has been Handed one of the hardest job in the country, which is building the lives of citizens of a specific country. The profession should make sure it provides a working environment where children can learn and grow and become better versions of themselves. Continue Reading Full Gist Here! Dont Miss It


  1. Please teachers, be good examples to the children you teach. Show them the right way they can dress up. For real some of them need to check up

  2. Please let us show good example to the learners. We should not mislead them dear because one day we shall all receive rewards for the acts!

  3. Ateacher mut be un example in all what he or she do. So that teacher, all the pupuls there minds are at her dress not on what he is teaching

  4. As ateacher you should be examplary to yr pupils,students through dressing codes,behavior and your leadership will light forever instead!

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